Wounded Trampoline - Playfully engaged in one's wounded story

Bruised mat, springs, pipes
/ performative event at Battersea Park 2014
/ Single channel video (loop) 2014

Wounded Trampoline, single channel video (colour, sounds/loop) 2014 Jaeyeon Yoo

The trampoline is painted like a bruise. It is analogous to someone hurting another unintentionally whilst having fun. It can be an object for reverie and so, the personification of the trampoline playfully forces people to think about their place within the activity and this compromising relationship. I have already installed the trampoline in a different space to observe how spectators can interact with this project. Every time I observe other people jump on the trampoline, I realize that people are having fun with it even though they are grown-ups. This project makes people feel free for a minute and makes them scream and laugh when they are jumping. The activity here is light-hearted. These reactions occur because the 'trampoline' as an object makes it easy for them to remember moments of like these from their childhood. I am using a trampoline to begin thinking about the physical engagement of my work and asking participants to use this object to find a more intimate relationship between the object as an artwork and an emotional sense of their past relationships. Bouncing is an intense activity. People lose their adult inhibitions and they become children. Part of this project is to ask people to lose these inhibitions and connect with their inner-child. For people who jump on the trampoline, the image of a bruise amounts to nothing and so, they don't care about the image and what it represents. However, the inactive viewer is able to witness the scene of people jumping on the wounded trampoline, they can imagine how the trampoline is hurt by others. They are having joyous yet, hurtful activity.

insallation at Battersea Park, 2014